Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to bid on bikes at Sprock Auction?
Yes, bidding is currently free of charge. However, please note that we will be implementing fees for bidding in the near future.
Can anyone from the United States participate in the auctions?

Participation is limited to the continental United States.

How can I contact Sprock Auction for inquiries or assistance?

You can contact us through email at for any inquiries or assistance.

How can I list my bike for auction on Sprock Auction?

Listing your bike is simple! Use our dedicated submission form, available at Remember, a user account is necessary to initiate a submission.

What's the process for participating in Sprock Auctions?
Sprock Auctions provides an engaging platform for both buyers and sellers. Sellers upload their bikes for approval, and upon approval, pay a $49 listing fee. Auctions typically run for seven days, featuring detailed listings and photo galleries. Enrolled users can discuss each auction in the comments section and contact sellers directly via private messaging. Auctions also have sniping protection, extending the duration by two minutes for last-minute bids
What happens after an auction ends?

Post-auction, if the reserve is met, we facilitate contact between the winning bidder and the seller to complete the transaction, including shipping arrangements. In cases where the reserve isn’t met, we provide the highest bidder’s contact to the seller to potentially reach an agreement.

What should I know about the auction listings?
Our team collaborates with sellers to create comprehensive and accurate listings. Sellers are encouraged to participate in comment threads to build trust and provide clarity to potential bidders.
Are there any tips for first-time bidders or sellers?
First-time bidders should familiarize themselves with the auction process, available at Sellers should ensure their bike is in good condition and provide detailed information, including history and photos, for a successful listing.
How can I ensure a successful bid?
Active participation and clear communication with sellers are key. Engage in the auction’s comment section and use the private messaging feature to discuss specifics about the bike.
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