How do Sprock Auctions work?

Sprock auctions aim to provide the utmost satisfaction to both buyers and sellers.

Sellers initiate the auction process by uploading their bicycles on the platform. We select the most captivating listings and collaborate closely with the seller to create a comprehensive bike presentation. Typically, auctions run for a duration of seven days.

Submitting Bike Listing

The “Submit a Bike” page is your starting point for initiating a submission.

Complete the submission form and attach images. A user account is required to initiate a submission. All submissions will undergo approval by the auction managers.

Once a bike receives approval, the seller settles the $49 listing fee. Subsequently, we collaborate closely with the seller to gather all essential details, which may encompass photos, videos and any records of the bikes history.

Our team of auction specialists then utilizes the information and visuals provided by the seller to construct an accurate and comprehensive listing for the bicycle.

The Auction Details

Every auction launches with a detailed listing, photo gallery, and other seller features that assist guarantee a successful outcome.

The Post Auction

If the auction reserve is met upon the listing’s expiration (or if there’s no reserve in place), Sprock Auctions will share the contact details of the winning bidder and the seller. Subsequently, the purchaser and seller collaborate to finalize the transaction and, if needed, coordinate shipping arrangements. The responsibility for shipping, applicable taxes, and other expenses associated with owning the bicycle generally lies with the buyer. Throughout this phase, Sprock Auctions is available to provide assistance or address any queries. In cases where the auction reserve isn’t satisfied after the listing expires, Sprock Auctions will furnish the seller with the contact information of the highest bidder, with the hope of facilitating a potential agreement.
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